Coach Rich Phillips defines Positive Intention

I’m excited to share with you a principle that I hold very near and dear to my heart.  It is something that will resonate within each and every one of you: The Power of Positive Intention.  First, let’s go define “intention.”  Many of you may have your own ideas of what intention means, and it’s a word that gets thrown around pretty loosely.  To me, intention is “the internal desire for a result for the individual or group that you want to influence.”  Therefore, positive intention is really about entering every interpersonal transaction with the desire for the other party to have a positive, successful, and enjoyable experience, rather than have any other self-servicing motives.  When you enter into these transactions with mutual success in mind, you are capable of unfolding the greatest potential in that situation or individual, creating a win-win scenario.  In life’s roles, whether they are about leadership or relationships, they are really about you.  Ultimately, who we are determines our success.  My own personal experience with the power of intention will better illustrate my point.

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