Positive Intention Learned from the Back of a Killer Whale


Yes, there was a time when I rode on and trained killer whales for a living. It was through this once in a lifetime experience that I discovered the formula for life’s success.


*Positive intention: the desire for the other party to have a positive, successful, and enjoyable experience.

*Passion: commonly defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

*Knowledge: facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education.

*Success: the positive purposeful outcome of a sequence of inter-related behaviors.

I have found this to be true over the years, not only with my many business coaching clients, but also with a lifetime of interactions that I shared with a multitude of different people. It is my desire in writing this book to pass on to you how positive intention will change the amount of success that you can achieve throughout your life. Woven into the true experiential stories I share is the ever present thread of positive intention.

Whether it was watching my father train horses or observing a business owner managing his/her organization, I came to realize that the method each used to enter into a relationship, whether animal or individual, dictated the success of the interaction. While you might find this to be intuitive, why do so many individuals fail to find the benefit they desire? This book guides you to the answer. As in all answers, it’s about how we use that knowledge in our lives that matters.

How did I discover Positive Intention and why is it so important? How do I judge my success in implementing Positive Intention into my life? When you utilize the four-step learning process, you will become self-aware. You start with being unconscious incompetence: not knowing what you don’t know. As a child you might pretend to be “driving a car” while playing in a carton or box, unaware of the complexities and nuances of driving a real automobile. The second stage of the learning process is conscious incompetence: knowing what you don’t know. At this stage you must concentrate on the gas pedal, brake pedal, and the mirrors to make sure you are operating the vehicle safely. Thirdly, is conscious competence: This is the acceptance of the fact that you learned how to drive an automobile, but you realize the increased mastery necessary to drive a large truck or a race car. Finally, we reach unconscious competence: doing the action necessary to act without thinking. Driving while using a cell phone, putting on makeup and drinking coffee, all at the same time!

This book strives to keep you in the conscious competence stage and recognize when you are unconscious competent. If you use Positive Intention to stay in these two phases of learning, your relationships will reach their full potential and you will achieve the level of success in life that you desire.

With the help of this book, you will be able to chart your way to your individual life’s purpose. Keep in mind that it is you who defines your success. “Each day I strive to be better at whatever leads me to my defined outcome” is your mantra. When you look in the mirror, ask yourself: “What can I do today that improves my opportunity of achieving personal success?”

Throughout this book, as I share my stories and those of my clients, you will gain a perspective that will help you reach your personal dreams. My discovery of the Positive Intention and The Fishhouse Affect has changed my life, lifestyle, and transformed all of my relationships into successes I had never imagined.

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