Group Business Coaching


I offer two types of group business coaching:

  1. Coaching a team within your business
  2. Coaching a group of like-minded professionals like you

Team Business Coaching within your Business:

I can coach different teams within your business, or the entire company as a whole. Your goals may be to improve productivity, increase sales or improve customer service. Whatever your goals, I have the fundamentals needed to achieve results. The group coaching program covers everything from goal setting and time management, to problem solving and improving marketing, customer service or sales. Team building exercises along with learning the fundamentals can get your business really moving.

Peer Business Coaching in a Supportive Group Business Environment

Building Blocks is a group coaching session designed for new businesses who don’t have the infrastructure to take full advantage of the more in-depth programs. The setting for this program may include enrollment in a group coaching program.

The peer business coaching group gives business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet in a group setting with like-minded professionals and gain access to the most successful business strategies and resources available. It gives everyone the opportunity to share what has worked for them, and what has not. The atmosphere also gives the group the opportunity to network with others (and maybe even pick up a referral or two). Topics may include

  • Financial and cash flow techniques
  • Time management and Synergy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Team Building, Recruitment and Team Management
  • Advertising
  • Referral Strategies
  • Business Systems & Processes
  • 90-day plan

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